Useful Local Sources (book, photos and films)


Listed below are some of the publications and sources of information which may be helpful to Stroud researchers. Some of the books have been suggested by SLHS members and we have tried to find publication dates and any ISBNs.

Books and other items in the Society’s own Research Resources collection have a Catalogue Number [#nn] and can be viewed by arrangement. Please use the contact us page to ask for the item by its number; you will then be contacted by email to arrange for you to view the item at a public building in Stroud.  Some of the newer items are stored digitally and can only be accessed online or supplied as digital files.

All the books (and other items) are grouped under the following topics. Remember you can use your browser’s Find facility – usually Ctrl+F – to skip quickly through the whole list, or click one of the links to jump down the page to the group you want to browse.

Books not in the SLHS collection that are out of print might still be found in the county’s Libraries system, or in second-hand shops, or on a member’s shelf.  Books published by SLHS that are still available are identified.

Films, Videos, DVDs

Please note that although we know of these local films, we do not have copies in our collection.

Working for Victory – Living Memories of the Stroud District at War 1939-1945 (2007 video by Alan Vaughan, research, interviews  and script by Juliet Shipman) Available as a DVD from Stroud District Council

The Duel and the Undiscovered Cotswolds is an amateur film reconstructing part of Stroud’s famous duel, made by Clive Blackmore and the Stroud Video Makers Unit

Stroud Before Traffic Lights, Stroud Before Turnpike Trusts and Coin of the Commons are films made locally by Geoff King and his company Bletsung Productions.

OVERVIEWS (alphabetically by author’s surname)

Booklets – A5 and A6: including: 38th Stroud Festival 1984 / Holy Trinity Church 150th anniversary 1989 / The Trow 1987 / Stroud Local History Society Yearbook 1990 and various copies of the Stroud and District Gazette [#51]

Booklets – A4 including: “Town talk from Victorian Stroud” / Newark Park, Stroud Preservation Trust leaflets / Public Record Office information booklets / ”Places to visit in the Stroud District 1988″ including details of particular interest / press release “The History of the City of Gloucester: Victoria History of Gloucestershire, Vol. 4″, Gloucestershire History 1987 [#50]

Gloucestershire at War by Derek Archer, published by? 1979, ISBN 0-905907-0-3-5

Gloucestershire 1889-1989, 100 years in words and pictures pub 1989 by Art and Design, Alexandra Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester ISBN 0-9515035-0-2  Celebrating Gloucestershire C.C. centenary; Includes Gloucestershire Life, Town and City, Trade and industry, Sports and Leisure and Arts [#16]

A Cotswold Camera by Howard Beard published by Hathaway, 1986  ISBN 0-948640-80-4  The photographs of W F Lee

A literary Tour Of Gloucestershire and Bristol by David Carroll, pub 1994 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-0228-0  Explores the literary connections of Glos including W E Henley and Laurie Lee [#1]

Battlefield Walks: The Midlands by David Clark, pub 1993 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-0258-2  A comprehensive collection of walks around the battlefield sites of middle England, concentrating on the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War [#2]

Turnpike Roads in the Stroudwater Area in the 18th Century by Christopher Cox – article published in the transactions of the GSIA 1990 (downloadable from their website)

Gloucestershire- The making of the English Landscape by H P R Finberg, published by Hodder and Stoughton 1955, revised edition 1975 ISBN 9780340170137

Gloucestershire:  Victoria County Histories – Volume 10 covers the Stroud area; complete copy in Stroud Library; the whole collection is also available through British History Online

Notes and Recollections of Stroud by Paul Hawkins Fisher, 2nd edition pub 1891 – every Stroud historian has a copy of this comprehensive book on their desk; it is based on his diary entries as a Stroud solicitor and full of detail and gossip. [#76] Also available on-line

South Gloucestershire at War by Peter Gill pub 1995 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-1133-6 : A collection of personal, official and professional photographs offering a glimpse of WW2 wartime life around Gloucestershire [#4]

Anzacs over England – the Australian Flying  Corps in Gloucestershire 1918-1919 by David Goodland and Alan Vaughan, published by Alan Sutton 1992; ISBN 07509-0277-9

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Cotswolds by Mary Greenstead, pub 1996 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-1165-4  An informative and well illustrated book examining the workshops, design and techniques of Gimson, the Bamsleys, Alfred and Louise Powell, William and Eve Simmonds, etc. Also the influence on local architecture and “the Simple Life” [#5]

Gloucestershire Turnpike Roads pub 1976 by Glos Records Office  Reproductions of turnpike documents in Glos Archives [#129]

Medieval Buildings and Artefacts in and near Stroud by Crystal Harrison (undated)  A concise descriptions of places to visit [#124]

Gloucester, Stroud & Berkeley by Edward Hayward, a school textbook published by Longmans 1970,  ISBN/582/15429/4

Geological survey of Bristol and Gloucester District by HMSO, pub 1948 for Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research [#109]

Churches and Views of Stroud and Neighbourhood by Smith and Hulbert, privately published in 1889

Catalogue of Gloucestershire books collected by Sir Francis Hyett of Painswick, published by H Osborne Printer, 1949

The Gloucestershire Rural Community Council 1923 – 1998 by Bryan P Jerrap, pub 1998 by The Gloucestershire Rural Community Council ISBN 0 9501789 5 0  A record of support for rural communities since 1923 [#17]

The Gloucestershire Gentry by Joan Johnson, published by Sutton 1989; ISBN 0-86299-584-1

The Illustrations for Garter Bigland’s Historical Collections of Gloucestershire by Huw Jones published 2011 [£35 TRY Stancombe Beech Farm Shop and The George Stores, Bisley] – There is much of local interest – not only reproductions from the original proofs of the engravings of the churches in Bisley, Stroud, Minchinhampton, Woodchester, Miserden and Stonehouse (two engravings, one of which was previously unknown), but details of the involvement of the Rev. James Dallaway, then curate at Rodborough, in editing the Collections and much on the Bigland family of Frocester.

WW2: History of The Second World War by John Keegan,  4-part history series from The Daily Telegraph [#53]

 The Cotswolds At War by June R Lewis, pub 1992 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-0048-2  – a detailed account of the impact of WW2 based on personal reminiscences and contemporary newspaper accounts. Includes: the role of the Home Guard and the Women’s Land Army [#6]

The Cotswolds – Life and Traditions by June Lewis, published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1996;  ISBN1-85799-955-X

The King’s England – Gloucestershire by Arthur Mee, published by Hodder 1938

Gloucestershire Past: A Guide to Historic Places and People by Ann Moore, pub 1995 Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-0945-5  A fully illustrated guidebook cataloguing follies, churches, historic homes, mills, memorials, dovecotes, stocks and other curious relics and memorable sites [#9]

Education In Gloucestershire – A Short History by A Platts and G H Hainton, on behalf of Gloucestershire Education Committee, 1954

Destruction in the English Civil Wars by Stephen Porter pub 1994 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. Phoenix Mill. Stroud ISBN 0-7509-0516-6  An illustrated and detailed account of the material, damage and destruction wrought by offensive and defensive action in the mid 17′” century civil wars including Gloucestershire [#10]

Wings over Gloucestershire (ww2) by John Rennison, first published 1988 by Piccadilly Publishing; republished 2000;  ISBN 0-9514047-0-9

Royal Homes in Gloucestershire by Geoffrey Sanders and David Verey, published by Alan Sutton 1981, ISBN 0-904387-89-5 (revised version published 1992)

The Hebrew Community of  Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud by Brian Torode, published 1989

Gloucestershire: The Cotswolds (The Buildings of England series) by David Verey, published 1970,  ISBN 0-14-071040-X (revised and re-published in 1999, ISBN 978-0300096040)

Towns and Villages of England: Stroud by Philip Walmsley, pub 1994 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-0589-1  Relates the story of the district from the medieval period and the dramatic growth of the cloth industry to the expansion that took place during the Napoleonic wars and the reign of Queen Victoria. Throughout the book, the architecture, the traditional trades and industries, the people and the way of life in Stroud are seen against a background of great national events and local trends [#13]

The Severn Valley by John Randall, pub 1882  River Severn from source to Bristol; a guide book; comprehensive chapter contents [#112]

 Transport in the Cotswolds by David J Viner, published Hendon Publishing 1981  ISBN 0-86067-066-X

  From Stroud Valley to Alpine Passes, the nostalgic seventy years of tours by Beavis Travel (Bussage) and Rover Coaches (Horsley),.by Melvyn Wilkins, published 2023. Cost £11.95 plus £2.40 postage, contact Melvyn by email: for ordering details.

Poverty and the Workhouse in Victorian Britain by Peter Wood, pub 1991 Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISN 0-86299-701-1  A highly  illustrated book, using a wealth of contemporary engravings, cartoons and photographs, it makes an important contribution to the debate on Victorian attitudes to poverty and its relief [#15]


PEOPLE / VILLAGES / STROUD (alphabetically by place or name)

Amberley: A Village of Parts – a History of Amberley Parish by Roy K Close pub 1986;  ISBN 0-9511658-0-1

Amberley Parochial School – a history of a village school  published 1988 (by the school governors?)  ISBN 0951-3592-0-7

Ball, John Garlick  (The Memoirs of) 1792–1878 – (solicitor, and Stroud coroner) with a post script by his daughter, Mary Frances Johnson. Made available and transcribed by his great-granddaughters, Mrs. J. Pleydell of Oxford and Mrs H. Russell of Sussex [#44]

Beavis (Builders) Rent ledger 1939-57  This large ledger of collected rents was found in 2013 during a house clearance. It records the names of Beavis tenants in various shops, houses, and allotments in Stroud and their rent accounts. We donated it to Gloucestershire Archives but photographed every page first, and stored the digital images, and a list of every tenant, on the internet. Click here for a alphabetical list of all the tenants’ names, or you can browse/download the original ledger pages here. If you would like to see the actual ledger you will need to go to to the County Archives.

Bigg: The World of Netlam Bigg by J Gardiner, pub 1999  biography of Stroud philanthropist (esp his connections with Stroud Festival/ Scouting/ Stroud Hospital) [#87]

Bisley, All Saints Church – Identifiable Graves and Memorials by Alan Swale, published 1986

Bisley – A Cotswold Village remembered 1860-1945 by Juliet Shipman, published by Chantry Press 1991; ISBN 0-9518294-0-8 – Story of the Doringtons, enclosure of the commons; village life including shops, farming, trades, daily living; many mentions of old families [Juliet has copies at £5]

Bisley Boy (Memoirs of a) by Ronald W Hunt, pub 2000 – 1930s village and farm life, WW2, National Service, work as a builder [#118]

Bisley: Roman and Saxon Bisley by Huw Jones published 2007 £12  [TRY Stancombe Beech Farm Shop, The Green Shop and The George Stores, Bisley].

Bisley: Historical Records of Bisley with Lypiatt by Mary A Rudd 1977 ISBN 0-904387-16-X

Bismore – What I Know about Bismore by Muriel Brooks – correspondence and Jottings 1986-2012; available from the author at Bismore, Eastcombe GL6 7DG.

Bloomfield: The Way it Was by Babs Bloomfield, published by M E Bloomfield, 1996  ISBN: 0952793601 – biography of Gloucester childhood in the 1930s

Boys Scouts Parade (photograph) circa 1930′s/40′s [#22]

 Brimscombe and Thrupp Band  (artefacts)  Needles sold as fundraiser for the Brimscombe and Thrupp British Legion Band [no date or provenance] [#95]

Cainscross Rugby Club by J F Evans, 1955  The first 60 years (from 1894) [#77]

Cainscross Rugby Club – The Ragged and Dangerous by N Hall and B Tocknell 1995 – 100 years of Cainscross Rugby Club. 1894-1994 [#78]

Chalford Blows a Century 1885-1985 – Chalford Silver Band by David Goodwin and Ron Gardiner pub 1984

Chalford:   It Began in a Cottage – the Baptist cause in Chalford compiled by Stanley Gardiner, published 1996

Chalford: The Hills of Childhood by Jean Kyle, pub 1985 by Sycamore Studios – Life in Chalford in 1930s – families, shops, school, adventures [#123]

Chalford: The Dry Stone Walls in the Chalford Area  by Janet Gaskell & Nigel Patterson, published by the Chalford Village Walls project 1999 [#136]

Chalford to Sapperton  compiled by Stanley Gardiner, published by NPI Media Group 1995, ISBN 10: 075240332X; second edition published 2006

Chalford: Stroud’s Golden Valley in Old Photographs by S J Gardiner and L C Palin, published by Alan Sutton 1989,  ISBN 0-86299-705-4

Chalford: Voices of Chalford, Bisley and Bussage by Tamsin Treverton Jones, published by Tempus 2004

Cranham – the History of a Cotswold Village published by Cranham History Society 2005;  ISBN 0-9536339-2-6

Dursley and its Neighbourhood by John Henry Blunt, published by Simpkin Marshall & Co 1877 – quirky and wide-ranging stories, transcripts and illustrations about Dursley, Beverston, Cam, and Uley [#103]

Dursley Lantern 1st issue (2004) of the Journal of the Dursley and Cam Society – contains articles about Dursley’s History [#90]

Eastcombe – a Cotswold village in pictures 1500-1980 by Juliet Shipman pub by M D Lambert 1981  ISBN 0-7049-0491-8

Eastcombe: Oil Lamp and Candle by Phyllis Gaston, 1999 – Life in Eastcombe in the 1930s and 40s – snow, farms, water supply, WW2 [#126]

Eastcombe, Then and Now 1800-2000 by M D Lambert and E Crouch, published 1999

Eastington (History of ) by Alfred E Keys, pub 1953, copy 189 of limited edition print [#97] – photograph of Alfred Keys 1946 is #98

Ebley Chapel Roll of Honour World War I by Crystal Harrison and Sylvia Heath, published 2008

Ebley Village Bypass and Transport Through the Centuries by C N Harrison, published by Zeta Printing 1994

Field Estate of William Cowle (The) by Marion Hearfield and Tony Macer, pub 2013 by the Friends of Stroud Museum  – William Cowle’s life in Stroud, the Board of Health, his 1870s development of the 60-acre Arundell estate and funding of the original Stroud Museum [#100] (copies available online from

Forest People and Places by Bob Smyth pub 1998 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-1933-7  – vivid portraits of the people and places of the Forest of Dean in particular the farmers, woodsmen and miners as well as descriptions of mines and iron mills, villages, towns and buildings of the Forest area [#11]

Frampton: Rail Road from Frampton to Brimscombe Port proposals, 1824/25 [#91]

Frampton on Severn – Portrait of a Victorian Village by Rose Spence, published by Phillimore 2000, ISBN: 1860771513

Franch Lynch: Our Parents by Stella and Bill Halliday (undated)  The Gardenir and Halliday families of France Lynch – washday boiler, life as a housemaid, WW1, farming in Canada, visits home [#125]

Hampshire – Isle of Wight 1831  A tale of Stroud cabinet-maker Alfred Luke Randell’s time there, by his grandson, Alfred Hollis Randell FOUR COPIES [#37, #38, #39, #40]

Horsley (History of) by Rev Messing Rudkin, pub 1883  An illustrated talk given in 1883 to the Nailsworth Institute; emphasis on church records but stories and events too [#110]

Kings Stanley Friendly Circle  the minute book, April 1967- Jan1978 [#93]

Kingscote Excavations: The Chessalls, Kingscote 1975-76 by Kingscote Archaeological Association [#84]

Leonard Stanley Remembered by Leonard Stanley History Society

Leonard Stanley (The Village of ) by Anne Ortzen, published by? 1980

Little: Our Family History by E Caruthers Little of Field Place, self-pub 1892  detailed family tree, biographies and coats of arms [#105]

Minchinhampton: The Box by Thomas Tanner, 1 sheet poem [#45]

Minchinhampton & Amberley Through Time by Howard Beard, published by Amberley Publishing 2009,  ISBN 978-1-84868047-0

Minchinhampton and Nailsworth Voices by Katie Jarvis, published by Tempus 2001;  ISBN 0-7524-224-2-1

Nailsworth: Dissent in Nailsworth  photocopy from The Journal of the United Reformed Church History Society, Vol 4 no. 10 May 1992 [#71]

Nailsworth: Forest Green Lily by Lilian Northwood and John Gardiner, published 1997 – Lily Northwood’s early treasured memories of living in Forest Green, 1909 to 1931

Nailsworth (A Portrait of ) by Betty Mills, published 1985 (2nd edition published 1992)

Nailsworth:  Religion and Society in a Cotswold Vale Nailsworth 1780-1865 by Albion M Urdnak, published 1990;  ISBN 0-05-200667-0

Nailsworth In Retrospect compiled by Howard Beard/Tony Gloster published by The History Press 2004, ISBN 07524-2071-2

Nailsworth: Travelling Along the Trail – a Collection of Stories for the people of Nailsworth by Ann Makemson, published for Nailsworth Festival 1995

Newspaper cuttings 1953-59 – A4 Folder by SLHS members containing Stroud News and Journal newspaper cuttings, arranged in date order [#58]

Newspaper cuttings 1957 – The Stroud Fraud Case – A4 Folder – newspaper cuttings and a write-up of the case “one of the most sensational cases  ever to be heard in Stroud Magistrates Court” by Jack Sollars [#59]

Newspaper cuttings 1961-65 A4 Folder by SLHS members containing Stroud News and Journal newspaper cuttings. 70 sheets arranged in alphabetical order [#60]

Newspaper cuttings 1961-80  “Jottings” 1961-67 andHere and There” 1966–1980 by Jonathan – A4 folder containing Stroud News and Journal newspaper cuttings. [#57]

Newspaper cuttings 1963-91 “Topics of the Week”  by Jonathan – A4 Folder of Stroud News and Journal newspaper cuttings. Subjects include the Berkeley hunt, Tom Long, Council news and the Clutterbuck family [#56]

Newspaper cuttings 1984-90 – magazine articles and 2 copies of  ‘The Stroud Defector’ Christmas 1989 [#52]

Newspaper cuttings Local adverts 1950-90 – A4 folder of cuttings from local newspapers [#72]

Newspaper cuttings Local press photos 1950-90 – A4 folder of cuttings from local newspapers [#73]

Nympsfield: It all began with Moses by John Vincent Smith, pub Choir Press 1999  ISBN: 9780953591305 – a story set in Nympsfield village

Oakridge – A History Pat Carrick, Kay Rhodes, Juliet Shipman; published by Oakridge Historical Research Group 2005,  ISBN 0-9540306-2-1

Paganhill Maypole (The) by Paganhill Maypole Society 

Painswick: Glimpses of the History of Painswick by Francis A Hyett, self-pub 1928 – stories and gossip of old Painswick village, including Dog Pies; index [#113]

Painswick, Sheepscombe, Slad and Edge by Howard Beard, published 1997  ISBN 0-7524-0788-0 (a second edition was published by Nonsuch in 2006)

Painswick – Time Chart of a Cotswold Village by Carl Moreland, published by Painswick Local History Society 1996;  ISBN 0-9528214-1-9

Parker: Memory Lane by Laurie Parker, self-published in 1972, a life story centred around Whiteshill in the early 20thC

Randell: A Remarkable and Romantic Story (story of Geoffrey and John Randell) Photocopies of a story from the Stroud News and Journal 1875 (4 copies) [#32]

Randell: A Cotswold Diary 1869 – 1876 by Alfred Luke Randell – A transcription of Alfred Luke Randell of Lansdown, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Master cabinet maker, linguist and European traveller, by his grandson, Alfred Hollis Randell THREE COPIES [#34, #35, #36]

Randwick: Randwick and Roundabout by Evelyn Pollard, published by Alan Sutton 1896;  ISBN 0-866299-042-4 – life in 1900s-1930s

Randwick 1893-1993 – A Century of Change published by Randwick Historical Association, 1995; ISBN 09524907-0-6/09524907-1-4

Rock and Steel Band – circa 1850 – 6x A4 pages [#29]

Rodborough – The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Lady: Lady of Rodborough vol. 1 Agnes Witts; published 2008; covers 1788 to 1824; ISBN 1848680104

Sapperton: Village Heritage (1986, ISBN 0-86299-263-X) and Village Camera (1990,  ISBN  0-86299-791-7) by Miss Pinnell with the help of the children of Sapperton School

Selsley: Old Selsley by Stephen Bown, published 2000

Sheepscombe – One Thousand years in this Gloucestershire valley by Elisabeth Skinner, published by Sheepscombe Local History Society 2005;  ISBN 0-955118-0-3

Sheepscombe: Workman’s Wood – booklet by Hugh Tarran, Elisabeth Skinner, Richard Knight and John Workman, published by Sheepscombe History Society 2006; the people and industry of the woodland, bought by Henry Workman (of Woodchester) in 1901 [#135]

Slad: The Turbulent History of a Cotswold Valley – the Upper Slad Valley and The Scrubs by Patricia M Hopf, published by Nonsuch Publishing 2006;   ISBN1-84588-116-8

SLHS Visits 1986-87 – Photograph album containing pictures of the 15/07/1986 trip to Woodchester, 07/07/1987 trip to Sheepscombe and 15/07/1986 trip to Whitley Court [#61]

SLHS Visits 1987-1989 – 32 photographs uncatalogued [#20]

SLHS Visits 1989 – Photograph album containing pictures of the 1989 study holiday in Derbyshire [#62]

SLHS Visits 1993 – photographs of visit to Monmouth (photographs and display) [#23]

Smith: A memoir of Roland Smith Standish local gamekeeper, published by his friends after his death in 1924 [#111]

Stonehouse  a pot-pourri of the past in pictures  compiled by J H A Anderson, pub 1985

Stonehouse to Painswick  collected and published by Alan Sutton 1989,  ISBN 086299-401-2

 Stroud 1890-1915: A collection of early Stroud Photographs by John Stephens, published 1973,  ISBN 0-9502757-0-0

Stroud – Towns and Villages of England series by Philip Walmsley, published by Sutton 1994; ISBN 0-7509-0589-1

Stroud: Around Stroud – The Story behind the Picture (Images of England series) by Howard Beard, pub 1999, ISBN 0-7524-1577-8

Stroud As It Was by Joan Tucker, published by Henderson Publishing Co 1978, ISBN 978-0860670285

Stroud Cemetery Pictures and general information on ‘interesting and significant people buried in Stroud Hill Cemetery’. 13 laminated items in blue plastic document wallet used for display [#55]

Stroud Choral Society: Stroud Sings the history of Stroud Choral Society 1834–2000 by Susan Freck; ISBN 0-9541742-0-8 [#82]

Stroud and District Photographic Memories (Francis Frith photos) by Howard Beard, published by the Frith Company 2003,   ISBN 1-85937-796-3/-538-3

Stroud:  The District of Stroud Guide, published 1987 by Stroud Council

Stroud and the Five Valleys in Old Photographs by S J Gardiner and L C Palin, Britain in Old Photographs series published 1984    ISBN 0-86299-015-7

Stroud and the Five Valleys in Old Photographs – a second selection by  S J Gardiner and L C Palin, published by Sutton 1987, ISBN: 0862994659

Stroud: The Geology of Stroud by Edwin Witchell, published 1882

Stroud and the Great War 1914-1919 published by Stroud News in 1919

Stroud: High Old Times – a Pictorial Record to Celebrate  Ninety Years of Stroud High School for Girls, compiled by Susan Harrison and Janet Maddocks, 1994, ISBN 0-95223251-0-1

Stroud: Another Way Home  – Words and Pictures celebrating Stroud Landscape, from an exhibition by Karen Skeats, forward by Richard Mabey, published in 2009, ISBN 978-1-906662-07-3

Stroud:  Memories of Stroud by Tamsin Treverton Jones, published by Tempus 2005; ISBN 07524-3437-3 – interviews with and stories from local people

 Stroud – A Pictorial History by Joan Tucker, published by Phillimore 1991, ISBN 0-85033-778-X

Stroud: Five Stroud Photographers (Archive Photographs)  compiled by Howard Beard, Peter Harris and Wilf Merrett, published by Alan Sutton 1995,  ISBN 0-7524-0305-2

Stroud: The Story of Stroud by Philip Walmsley, pub 1993 by SLHS – concise summary of events and development of Stroud [#119]

Stroud Home Guard: They Took Up Arms  WW2 story of Stroud’s Home Guard by F W Smith, published by James and Owen 1945

Stroud Ring Road: The Plotter of Gloucester by Claire Toy, illustrated by Richard Butler, published by Matrix Design 1976, ISBN 0-9505193-0-8  A children’s story about the campaign against building the ring road in Stroud.  Claire Toy lived in Whitehall at the time.  (thanks to Sheila Maddock for identifying this for us)

Stroud in Old Picture Postcards by  Trevor A C Radway, published by European Library 1984,   ISBN 90-288-2817-6

Stroud Road and Rail in Old Photographs S J Gardiner and L C Palin, published by Sutton Publishing 1987,  ISBN 0-86299-470-5

Stroud:  Survival and Revival – Stroud during the War and Recovery Years (WW2) by Joy Thacker, published 1995;  ISBN 09521760-1-7

 Stroud Through Time by Howard Beard, published by Amberley Publishing 2008,  ISBN 978-1-8468-039-5

Stroud: Twenty Years History of Stroud 1870-1890 byJohn Libby, published 1890 – a very detailed summary of buildings and institutions

Stroud Uplands: Yesterday’s World – a nostalgic look at Old Uplands by Susan Harrison, booklet published 1996 for Good Companions centre

Stroud Uplands: Personalities Past and Present – the Uplands Connection by Pamela Tawse, booklet published 1998  for Good Companions centre

 Stroud Urban District Council 1894-1974 published 1974 by Stroud District Council

 Stroud Valley Childhood (A) by Terry Jones, published by Alan Sutton 1992;  ISBN 07509 0257 4

Stroud versus Slavery by Philip Walmsley, pub 2003 – the story of Stroud’s slavery arch [#133]

Stroud Years 1789-1850 (The) by Penny Gay, 2008 – the 1830s-50s life of John Gay, maltster of Lower Street; his wife, later the Brimscombe turnpike toll keeper, and their children’s emigration to Wisconsin; written by Penny for her American cousins [#130]

Tetbury, Nailsworth and Minchinhampton in old photographs, collected and published by Alan Sutton 1988, ISBN 9780862994020

Througham: A Hamlet on Cotswold: The History of the Manor of Througham by Huw Jones published 2008; [£25, TRY Stancombe Beech Farm Shop and The George Stores, Bisley]

Victorian Stroud:  Enquiry which shocked Victorian Stroud Veil lifted from town’s murky secrets – Ring bound article by Jack Sollars [#64]

Victorian Stroud: Town Gossip in Victoria’s Day Ring bound article compiled by J. C. Sollars [#63]

von Kuhne papers: Items donated by Baroness von Kuhne, The Grange, Folly Lane [#28]
1. Concert programmes of Miss Elsie Chambers 1917-27 x8 plus two portrait photographs [#28.1]
2. Gloucestershire Chronicle 1925 x1 including 1925 photos from Frome Hill Park carnival [#28.2]
3 Miss Marie Philpott’s Grand Concert programme 1919 x1 [#28.3]
4. Postcard of the memorial tablet in Stroud Parish Church “in grateful memory 1914-1919″ [#28.4]

Whiteway Colony – The Social History of a Tolstyan Community by Joy Thacker, published 1993;  ISBN 0-9521760-0-9

Woodchester ( A History of ) by Revd W N R J Back, published in 1972 (a revised version of a 1922 history by Major Little)

Wortley: Excavation of a Romano-British Villa at Wortley Gloucestershire Ring bound interim report by University of Keele, 1993 [#70]


INDUSTRY / MILLS / CANALS (alphabetically by name or topic)

Arts and Crafts Movement in the Cotswolds ( by Mary Greensted, published by Alan Sutton 1993;  ISBN 0-7509-1165-4

Business Letterheads used in display – 33 items from local businesses from the 1800′s [#31] (See also #18)

Canal Inns: To Serve The Waterman – a study of the inns along the canals in the Stroud area TWO COPIES [#65, #66] 

Canal Walk through Stroud by Trevor Roberts, pub 1982, Canals Trust – Eastington to Daneway [#127]

Canals: Stroudwater  by  W Lawrence, published by J P Brisley, Stroud, 1824 – a poem describing all the principal places from Chalford to Eastington (we now have a scan of the original book here. A transcript is available to members on request.)

Canals: The Stroudwater Canal  1729-1763  by Michael Handford published by Moonraker Press 1976  ISBN 239.0015901 (revised edition published 1979 by Alan Sutton ISBN 9780904387308)

Canals: The Stroudwater Navigation by Joan Tucker, published by Tempus 2003; ISBN 0-7524-2806-3

Canals:  The Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canal in old photographs,  collected by Edwin Cuss & Stanley Gardiner, published Sutton Publishing 1988  ISBN 0-7509-0432-1 (a second edition by Mike Mills and Edwin Cuss was published by Amberley Publishing in 2010)

Canals: Thames and Severn Canal by J Graham Espley and W E Duncan Young, pub 1969 by Gazebo Books – history, construction, walking the route Wallbridge to Inglesham [#122]

Canals: The Thames and Severn Canal by Humphrey Household, published by David and Charles 1969,  ISBN 7153 4475 7 (revised and published by Amberley Publishing, 2009, ISBN 9781848680357)

Canals: The Thames & Severn Canal by David  J Viner, pub Hendon Publishing Co 1975,  ISBN 0-902907-65-4

Canals: The Thames and Severn Canal Through Time by David J Viner, pub Amberley 2012, ISBN 1848680449

Cloth Mills of the Stroud Valleys – the 1997 PhD thesis (400 pages) by local historian Stephen Mills comprehensively describes the Origins, Development, Decline and Reuse of the Cloth Mills of the Stroud Valleys

Collotype in a Cotswold Town by Donald Emes, pub 1995 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-9526345-0-3 – a history of the Cotswold Publishing Co. and its special process of collotype printing used for picture postcards, lettercards, view books, catalogues and limited edition books [#3]

Day’s Work in Gloucestershire Villages 1850-1950 pub 1977 by Glos Community Council – description of work in quarries, charcoal, farming, textiles, fishing, brewing, village services [#121]

The Story of Erinoid by John Morgan, published 2008 – a detailed summary and description of the factory on the Lightpill estate, successor to Syrolit and manufacturer of casein-based plastics from 1912

Freeman papers: Items donated by Ms. A. Freeman April 1992 [#27]
1. Tappers bill heads 1920′s 27 items [#27.1]
2. Various accounts late 1800′s 14 items [#27.2]
3. Photographs: 1x 1922 opening of the new wing at Stroud Hospital, 1x 1953 Coronation street party in Rodborough Avenue, 3x Stroud 1985 [#27.3]
4. 1971 item from Gloucestershire Life (Jilly Cooper) [#27.4]
5. Newspaper cuttings x4 [#27.5]
6. Old postcard of Stroud x1 [#27.6]
7. Photocopy of Mr Tapper and wife Emily [#27.7]

Gloucestershire At Work (Britain in Old Photographs series) by Stephen Mills, pub 1997 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-1552-8 – a pictorial record of the county’s industrial and commercial past including Stroud’s woollen cloth mills, Gloucester’s pin and steam engine manufacture and the Forest of Dean coal mining, iron working and quarrying [#8]

Gloucestershire Pubs and Breweries by Tim Edgell and Geoff Sandles, published by Tempus Publishing 2005, ISBN 9780752435244

Gloucestershire Mills in Camera by Stephen Mill and Pierce Reimer, published by Quotes Ltd 1991, ISBN 9780860233886

Gloucestershire Woollen Mills by  Jennifer Tann, published by David & Charles 1967 (revised and re-issued as Wool and Water, 2012 – ISBN 9780752462158)

Historical Bus – first Running Day – Types of vehicles. Stroud RE Group [#88]

Stroud’s Buses – a Centenary of Motorised Public Transport in the Stroud Valleys by N P Daniels, published by Llyfrau Hiraethog 2003; ISBN 9780954516604

Industries – Exploring Gloucestershire’s Industrial Heritage ed Ray Wilson, pub 2005 by GSIA (Glos Society for Industrial Archaelogy) – a comprehensive, indexed and mapped list of industrial buildings in the county [#120]

Industrial Archaeology of Gloucestershire (A Guide to the) published 1992 by Association for  Industrial Archaeology; ISBN 0-9508448-6-1

Industrial Archaeology of the Stroud Area by Lionel Walrond, a concise description of mills, transport and trades, published 1967 (the BGAS website offers a PDF of this 11-page article)

Longford’s Mill: Playne of Longford’s Mill by A T Playne and A L Long, 1953 – 200th Anniversary. pub 1952 [#83]

Railways – The Train Arrives at Stroud – Ring bound article on the history of the railways in Stroud, by Stroud Local History Society TWO COPIES [#68, #69]

Railway Comes to Stroud (The) by Philip Walmsley and SLHS members, pub 1995 – the arrival of the railway in 1845 [#132]

Stroud Brewery Company records and sale papers 1933-35 [#30]

Stroud Brewery: Pubs of the Old Stroud Brewery compiled by Wilf Merrett, published by Chalford Publishing 1996,  ISBN 0-7524-0673-6

Stroudwater Riots of 1825 by John Loosley, pub 1993 by Stroud Museum Association – excellent and detailed summary of background, events and subsequent trial [#117]

Stroudwater Valley Mills by Oliver Mahler, 1982 – Whitminster to Chalford [#128]

Thames and Severn Canal – Government order allowing the “Abandonment of the lower portion of the Thames and Severn Canal” by Gloucestershire Council, 1933 [#54]

Timber – Sixty Years in the Timber and Pianoforte Trades by Louis Bamberger, pub 1929 Sampton Low – a diamond jubilee celebration for this London-based timber merchant; his stories are of the companies he dealt with as a timber merchant and, later, in the piano-making trade [can’t see any Stroud connection but Barry Harrison knows of him] [#108]

Wallbridge Mill – the GSIA Journal offers this PDF of Dr Ray Wilson’s 2004 illustrated history of the Mill

Weaving: The Rising of the Weavers in Stroud in 1757 (A State of the Case and Narrative of Facts) – this parliamentary investigation is mentioned in various bibliographies online but cannot find a readable source MH

Withey ‘Chymist and druggist’ and grocery bills from the 19th century; Bagged, and ordered alphabetically as follows: A / B / D and E / F and G / H I J K / L / M N O P Q / R / S / T V W / U / Misc or unknown [#18] (See also #31) Most are on our website – click here

Women’s Land Army 1939 – 1950 (The) (Britain in Old Photographs series) by Bob Powell and Nigel Westacott, pub 1997 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Stroud ISBN 0-7509-1672-9 – a photographic record of the operations of the WLA and the countryside. Drawn from the worldwide albums of many ex-land girls at a time when film was rationed and photography monitored, this collection offers a fascinating insight into the people and places associated with the WLA [#14]


BUILDINGS / CHURCHES / STREETS (alphabetically by name or place)

Beaudesert Park School – a Centenary History by John Hudson, published by Sutton Publishing Ltd 2008 ISBN XXXX

Bisley:  Beautiful Buildings of Bisley by Judy Sawyer and Harold Berkeley, published by British Association for the Club of Rome, 2003, ISBN 978-1902100258

Bisley Lockup (The) by Juliet Shipman (undated) – local justice methods and Horsley prison [#114]

 Black Boy School, Stroud (The) 1844-1914 by Ramon R Willey, published by The Print Shop, Stonehouse 1972

Chalford Place (The Company’s Arms) by Juliet Shipman (undated) – the house, Ridler clothier family, the Round House [#115]

Chapel St: Jerusalem on Chapel Street by Enid Airy, Claire Toy and others

Churches along the Cotswold Canals ed David Jowett, pub 1992 by Cotswold Canals Trust – 23 churches from Framilode to Lechlade [#116]

Cotswold Churches by David Verey, pub 1982 by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill. Stroud. This edition: 1991|0-904387-78-x the first part of the book consists of short essays on most aspects of the regional church architecture, but the greater part deals with individual churches as works of art. Includes detailed photographs [#12]

Churches by G Hutton and E Smith, pub 1952 [#89]

Ebley Chapel 1798-1998 by  C N Harrison, pub 1998

Estate Agent details 1980s-90s local houses late 1980’s early 1990′s. 24 items, uncatalogued [#41]

Estate Agent details 1989-91 for local houses and developments – Bank House, Fotheringay, Severn Cottage, Longford Mill, Fromebridge Mill, Castle Court, Castle St, Cainscross House.7 items [#42]

Field Estate of William Cowle Archive (The) – Marion Hearfield and Tony Macer’s 2010-2014 research into the Victorian development by William Cowle of the 60-acre Stroud hillside owned for hundreds of years by the Arundel family – a digital archive of title deeds, maps, stories and photographs with a searchable name and house index; accessible online at Marion’s website and on the SLHS collection’s DVD  [#101] 

Frampton: St Luke’s Chapel (print) circa 1845/1860 [#21]

France Lynch: A Light on the Hill – 150 years of St John the Baptist Church, France Lynch – compiled by John and Linda Hudson; pub 2007 [#137]

Lansdown: Time Flies in Lansdown by Stephen Deproost, 2005 –  illustrated history of Lansdown, Stroud [#74]

Lypiatt Park – a History of the House, its Owners and Architecture by Juliet Shipman, published 1998

Marling School 1887-1987 by Oliver J Wicks, published 1986

Marling School: More Marling Memories by Oliver J Wicks, published 1997;  ISBN 0-9524930-1-2

Methodist Church Centenary Year 1976 – a short history of Methodism in Stroud [#85]

Millenium Miscellany – ed Philip Walmsley, pub 2000 – Collection of stories by SLHS members – 1887 Lodgemore Lane murder / Belle Vue Road / Parks and Gardens of Stroud / Story of Daniels / Rodborough Tabernacle / List of Stroud photographers / Lypiatt Park (2 stories) / Pedal Power (1940s cycling) / Stonehouse in the 1930s / Stroud General Hospital pre-1873 / Chalford Methodist Chapel / Charles Richardson and Stroud’s railway / Poems of Samuel Pickwick of Box [#131]

New Wesleyan Chapel and Schools; (mentions James Hollis Randell) – photocopies of a story from the Stroud News and Journal 1875 (4 copies) [#33]

Old Chapel: They Met in a Barn – the Story of  Congregationalism  in Stroud 1687-1987  by  Molly and Alfred Hoy, published 1987,  ISBN 0-9512202-0-9

Old Homes near Stroud – Bound copy (Dewey Dec 728.6 OLD) of original pen and ink sketches of local houses, anonymous; no date [#104]

Old Stroud photographs and copied prints (38) of old Stroud and District [#19]

Painswick: St Mary’s church by St Claire Baddeley, pub 1902 – pre-Reformation history, 1086 to c1700; index and illustrations [#106]

Painswick: God’s Acre – A Guide to Painswick Churchyard by Carolyn M. Heighway, booklet published 2007 by Gloucestershire Churchyard Conservation Project, ISBN 978-0-9556315

Peckham folder – uncatalogued collection of Peckham photographs [#96]

Photographs: from Sister Wulstan – 4x photographs in small album: Trinity Hospital, Castle Rising, Visit to Rockingham Castle, Acre Street Stroud [#24]

Randwick Methodist Chapel and Sunday School – ring bound article by the Randwick Historical Association [#67]

Roxborough House by Chas Townley, published 2009 – the story of the building that had been Abbotsford College (off Nelson Street)

Standish: A Short History of Standish Hospital 1915-1965

Stroud Baptist Church A Desirable Object by W O Wicks – the Story of the first 150 years of Stroud Baptist church [#86]

Stroud Maternity Hospital: Stroud’s Birthplace – Stroud Maternity Hospital by Diane Harris and Tracey Spiers, published 2003; ISBN 0-9533979-3-9

Stroud: Stroud Streets and Shops by Wilf Merrett, published by Tempus 2004, ISBN 0-7524-3307-5

Stroud: The Vernacular Architecture and Buildings of Stroud and Chalford by Nigel Patterson, published by Trafford 2006; ISBN 1-41209951-X

Stroud Workhouse: The Implementation of the Poor Law Amendment Act in Stroud (1834) by Joyce Longhurst, 1981

Stroud Workhouse – A Danger to Sick People by Chas Townley, published 2009;  ISBN 0-956-33130-1

Union Street, John Street and Cornhill Market development 1989-91 (photographs in 17 Konica Colour albums wallets, uncatalogued) [#26]

Union Street, John Street and Cornhill Market development 1989-91 (photographs in 12 Metrocolor wallets) [#25]
1. Demolition of John St (10 photographs plus negatives) [#25.1]
2. Union Street 1989-90-91 (11 photographs) [#25.2]
3. Union Street 08/01/1990 (4 photographs) [#25.3]
4. Union Street Feb. 1990 (18 photographs) [#25.4]
5. Union Street, Kendrick St, John St. 3/1990 (4 photographs) [#25.5]
6. Cornhill Development 4/1990 (18 photographs) [#25.6]
7. Union Street 6/1990 (7 photographs) [#25.7]
8. Union Street 7/1990 (10 photographs) [#25.8]
9. Union Street 3/12/1990 (20 photographs) [#25.9]
10. Union Street 4/2/1991 (16 photographs) [#25.10]
11. Wool market, Stroud 4/3/1991 (19 photographs) [#25.11]
12. Union Street (no date) (30 photographs) [#25.12]

Weavers Croft Field Rd, Stroud 1988. 3 photos [#92]

Whiteshill: History of St Paul’s Church Whiteshill and The Church of the Holy Spirit Paganhill by Keith Davitte, published 2011


MAPS / DIRECTORIES (by year, when known)

1883 Map of Rodborough 1883/4 6″–mile map, large roll map [#46]

1883 Map of Stroud 1883/4 6″–mile map, large roll map [#47]

YYYY? Map of Gloucestershire (Eastern Division) A3 partial map showing Cainscross, Dudbridge, Rodborough, Selsley and Worchester. Old, but date unknown [#49]

YYYY? Map of Grigshott and premises situated in Rodborough and Mill and lands in Woodchester, A4 plan, old, but date unknown [#48]

1947 Stroud Valley (The) by Betty Hotchkiss – 1st edition 1947 footpath guide [#94]

1974 Map of Stroud Town centre  [#75]


1931 Trade directory: Stroud Traders List of businesses and trades – Street list of businesses (partial) of King Street 1931, photocopy of trade descriptions (date not known), extract from Town and County Directorate. (1936/37) 13 sheets A4 paper [#43]

1963 Trade directory: Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester (inc Stroud traders) pub Town and Country Directories Ltd [#107]

1964-5 Stroud Official Guide, issued by Stroud Council

1974 Trade directory: Stroud Gloucestershire pub by Stroud and District Chamber of Trade [#80]

1980s?? Trade directory: Stroud Gloucestershire pub by Stroud and District Chamber of Trade (date unknown, but after 1974/5) [#81]

YYYY? Trade directory: Stroud District Official Guide by D Bragg, date unknown [#79]




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1982   Neighbourhood Search – Gloucestershire County Library

1973   South Gloucestershire – Index to sources – Gloucestershire County Library Of Local History

1957   Gloucestershire Studies editor H P R Finberg

1880    Stroud Natural History & Philosophological [really?] Society – Stroud Journal

1820   Gloucestershire Directory

The Gold and Silver Threads – A Memoir of Life in the Twentieth Century by Rhoda Cowen, published 1994;  ISBN 0-7509-0766-5

A brief History of The Thames and Severn Canal, by the Clerk to Gloucestershire County Council, published?? in 1902

Pictures in the Fire by F H (Bunny) Arkell, published by Hathaway 1991 emailed SLHS Enquiries 13 Sept

Woodchester Mansion: Augustus Pugin by Liz Davenport, the Trust archivist, published?? 2009

Why was Woodchester Mansion Never Finished? – Plans post 1973 Liz Davenport, published?? 2009

On Coppice Hill by Graham Hobbs, published by Burcombe Publishing 1997

350 years of Quakerism in Painswick by Jim Hoyland, published by??  2000

Playne’s: Anatomy of a Mill by Ian Mackintosh, published by?? 2009

Stroud 400 by Ian Mackintosh, published 2004

One Hundred Not Out – Uplands County Primary School  1899-1999 published by the school? in 1999; forward by Jack Russell – Sue Harrison will try to find out more