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Tom Long's Post, Minchinhampton Common - Photo P Stevens Aug 2014
Tom Long’s Post, Minchinhampton Common – Photo P Stevens Aug 2014


This page contains a list of key people and places in and near Stroud. Some links take you to pages within this website; other links may take you to the website of a different organisation.

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Acre St gazebo



Apperley genealogy

Apperley of Rodborough Court


Badbrook, Merrywalks & Slad Rd and Old Stroud Brewery

Baldwin, Samuel – sculptor

Benjamin Bucknall

Berkeley Local History Society

Biddell, John  Stratford Abbey Stratford Mill (flour-mill)

Bisley Village Website


Brewery – Old Stroud Brewery Book

Brick & rolling pin competition


British School

Browning family in Minchinhampton

Budding,Edwin, local mechanic who invented a first lawnmower. Lawn mower history

Budding Foundation

Budding, Edwin Beard biography

Bus Station, Stroud, Old;   Stroud Buses history


Cainscross – The Lake at The  Lawn


Canton, John – Stroud scientist

Carless, John, M.D., C.M. Physician, The Grange

Carol bus

Cashes Green – Pedal power

Cemetery, Stroud Hill             Stroud Town Council – Cemetery Leaflet           Grave/monument inscriptions:  Old Chapel – Chapel St,  St Laurence old church and Stroud Cemetery


Chalford Parish Local History Group

Chambers, Elsie

Cheapside, Stroud – Wood & Rowe

Chestnut Hill, Nailsworth, Danecourt School, May 1917

Chew, James  Professor of Music and Organist,

Chew, Thomas Liddiate – T L Chew and Sons, Medieval Iron Works, Stroud


Clissolds of Chestnut Hill, Nailsworth (and the WW1 Red Cross hospital there) – this link opens a separate window in our online cloud storage server

Cloth Mills

College, Stroud

Community plays

Cooke Alfred Square, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., House Surgeon and Secretary, General Hospital at the corner of Bedford and George

Copeland Chatterson Printers

Cotswold Playhouse history

Cowle, William, in the cemetery, grocer, land speculator. Museum, Field Estate, Observatory. William Cowle and Stroud

Cranham Local History Society

Danecourt School, Chestnut Hill, Nailsworth, May 1917

Daniels, Thomas Henry & Joseph – Daniels T H & J, engineers, of the Lightpill Iron Works, Stroud. Daniels history

Documents and maps for research

Dorrington, Sir John MP of Lypiatt Park. Governor of Stroud General Hospital, Stroud Board of Guardians, Rural District, Chairman of the County Council, Chairman of the Quarter Sessions and a member of the Commission for Peace in the Country.

Duel 1807 Delmont & Heazle

Dudbridge Stephen, Charted Accountant of Lansdown, Stroud Local Board of Health Stroud and District Trades Association

Dursley, Cam and Uley  (also see Uley)


Electricity supplies


Ebley Mill history                Ebley Mill – see the virtual tour on Flickr

Ebley Mill, Marling and Evans

Evans- Chambers Archive

Evans, Stanley

Ferrabee family James, John, Henry – Phoenix Iron Works

Field Estate, Stroud – see also W Cowle

Fisher: Paul Hawkins Fisher and the Fisher family

Foster William nurseryman

Fromehall Mill


Gloucestershire Pubs and Breweries website

Grigshott, Woodchester

Grist family

Hackwood Thomas organist

Hill Paul

History of Stroud

Holloway, George MP, benefactor,  Stroud Working Man’s Benefit Society

Holloway House

Holloway photos and items from Citizen archive

Holmes, George, cemetery superintendent

Hook –Lionel Hook and Sons Ltd of Stroud – engineering firm

Horsley Parish history

Hospitals Stroud

Howell, John Selby Parish Clerk of Stroud & schoolmaster of the “Red Boys” Charity School, Market House (now the Old Town Hall).

Hughes, Thomas

Humpidge, James Dickinson, Engineer, Central Iron Works


Isacke John the first cemetery lodge-keeper and superintendent,

Isacke Family Misses Isacke – Stratford Abbey College

Jefferies Brickwork family  In July 2015 we were given a box of family photographs and papers connected to the Jefferies brickworks in Dudbridge.  Click the link to see the inventory and all the photos.

King Arthur

Lewis & Hole of Brimscombe then Dudbridge – Foundry

Lewis’s of Brimscombe

Lodgemore Mill

Lypiatt Park                 Lypiatt 1944


Maps for research

Marling and Evans

Marling Family

Merrywalks, Badbrook & Slad Rd and Old Stroud Brewery

Mills – Thrupp, Hope & Iles

Minchinhampton and Avening –A history of the parishes – written in 1915

Minchinhampton Local History Group

Museum in the Park                     history – see also Stratford Park

Nailsworth, Chestnut Hill, Danecourt School, May 1917

Nailsworth – Highwood School

The Nailsworth Society

Nether Lypiatt

Oakridge History Group

Okey James, Boot Maker and Toy Dealer



Paine, William Henry, M.D., Corbett House, Stroud. Physician & reformer

Painswick      Painswick Local History Society                 Painswick history         Painswick Roads

Park Sidney, Draper & Chairman of the Streets and Lighting Committee.

Park Gardens, in Slad Road

Partridge, Dr Thomas, M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P.I; Medical Officer for the Urban District of Stroud and Nailsworth and the Rural District Council 1870

Paul Hawkins Fisher


Phoenix Iron Works and Thrupp

Piano companies

Plested Ingram, schoolmaster at the British School at Badbrook

Potter family and Standish Hospital

Port Mill

Ragged Cot, Hyde

Randell, Alfred Luke: diary 1869-76

Randell, Geoffrey, High Bailiff of Stroud County Court. Secretary of the Stroud Building Society and the Stroud Provident Building Society.


Railway proposed 1825

Railway – Charles Richardson helps to bring the railway to Stroud


Register Office

Rodborough               Remembering Rodborough history project

Rodborough Charity School (originally called the Fort School)     Rodborough Court & Apperley

Rodborough Fort        Rodborough Fort Postcards      Rodborough Tabernacle

Ruscombe, Bread Street, in the 1930s

Samuel Baldwin – Sculptor

Sapperton and Frampton Mansell


Sheepscombe                             Sheepscombe History Society

Shepheard Photograph Collection

Slad Rd, Badbrook & Merrywalks and Old Stroud Brewery

Slimbridge Local History Society

Smith, John Sidney (Jack)

Standish Hospital

Stanley Mill

Stonehouse History Group



Stratford Mills

Stratford Park     Stratford Park history

Streets in Stroud in the early 1800s, and how they were named

Stroud history

Stroud & Swindon Building Society

Stroud Valley history

Stroud Bank

Stroud Brewery – old

Stroud Home Front 1914 to 1919

Stroud Hospitals:               Origins                 History       Photo 1922

Stroud Library history

Stroud Show          Pageant 1911

Subscription Rooms, Stroud        Book – Stroud Subscription Rooms, by Marion Hearfield


Tappers Shop, King St, Stroud


Townsend Richard, of Thanet House. R Townsend & Stacey

Trade Adverts 1903 in Burrows’ Stroud Valley Illustrated

Trinity Church, Stroud

Trinity Rooms VA Hospital

Uley Society

Uplands House

Uthwatt Edolph Andrew, Consulting Surgeon at the General Hospital in George Street

Wall Joshua, sculptor

Wallbridge Mill and Wallbridge

Water supplies

Wheeler Rev. William

Whitefield and Whitefield’s Tump


Wicliffe Motor Co Ltd

Williamson David, a Wholesale Clothes Manufacturer. Williamson, Tratt and Co. Cheapside (later Hill Paul Co)

Winterbotham family – solicitors & Bank House & Bank House Gardens

Winterbotham document archive

Winterbotham, Strachan and Playne

Witchell family Edward, Edwin & Percy, Witchell and Sons, Solicitors, Lansdown

Withey William Henry, of Upper Gannicox Stroud, son of James Withey, the well-known grocer at 55 High Street. Property developer & Commissioner of the Turnpikes

Withey shop documents

Wood and Rowe of Cheapside

Woodchester     Woodchester Companies      Woodchester Piano Works    Woodchester Saw Mills

Woodchester Mansion and Park   Woodchester Roman villa       Woodchester Historical Society

Workhouse – Stroud

Wotton-under-Edge Historical Society & Heritage Centre

Wyatt, Richard Barrister, J.P


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