Wallbridge Mill, Stroud in 1961

The story of Wallbridge Mill features in this new book about Wallbridge that was published in May 2022 – then more photographs of Wallbridge Mill came to light!

They were taken by the late Lionel Walrond, who was good at photographing buildings before they disappeared. Cloth manufacturing ceased at Wallbridge Mill in 1958 and most of the mill buildings were demolished in 1964.

More of Lionels’ photographs can be seen at https://glosdocs.org.uk/walrondn

There is a review of the Wallbridge book and where you can buy one: CLICK HERE.

There is also a general view of Wallbridge Mill, Stroud, with a single storey range in the foreground on the Historic England website. Date:1956. Reference: AA98/04428



This was Mr Cole’s house that he modernised in 1714 – the date was still above the door when it was demolished in 1970. It once had a flour mill behind it. It used to be on the opposite side of the road from the builders’ merchant.

This window may have been in the house or the cloth mill




There are lots of stories in the new book about the people who lived and worked at Wallbridge when it was a busy industrial hamlet.

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