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trade adverts_1903 SVI cover-1In 1903, Burrows printed its Stroud Valley Illustrated and MarionH found a very damaged copy in a second hand shop. This was the second edition – the 1902 version had proved extremely popular.

Here is a list of all the Stroud traders – and schools and churches – who advertised in 1903, and the page on which their advert can be found (there is a reprint by The History Press in Stroud library but the page numbers are slightly different!). The directory also contained articles about local geology, archaeology, driving and cycle trips, surrounding villages, flowering plants in the county, local church bells, and postcard views of streets and countryside. [addresses known from elsewhere are in blue]

If you would like to browse through the actual adverts and editorial text, you can do so using this link to where MarionH has added images from 1902 and filed them out in the internet cloud (if the advert was the same both years, it only appears once). The image titles will appear in a new tab on your browser. At the top of the list are the pages containing text, then the traders are sorted alphabetically. You can see an individual page by clicking on it.

1903 Name Trade Address 1903 page
Abbotsford College school (Roxburgh House) London Rd 126
ANTHONY T P & Co draper; ladies’ outfitter; funerals King St 20 35
APPERLY Alfred JP cloth manufacturer Rodborough Court (built 1888) 136
APPERLY CURTIS cloth mill Dudbridge Mills 138
APPERLY HYDEA cloth mill’s sheep herd for prize-winning Hydea cloth Hyde Farm 137
APPERLEY Rodborough Court
BAKER’s Bargains pictures; pianos and music dealer London Rd 56 143
Baptist church church John St 131
BARNARD T Knight music warehouse; tuning; colour photography George St 05 128
BIRT George grocer High St 04 – 5 153
BISHOP W H fishmonger; poulterer and fruiterer Gloucester St 16 25
BROWNING butcher Gloucester St 17 (Cotswold House) 40
BRYANT John antique dealer George St 21 158
Cainscross brewery brewery Cainscross 135
CETTA J & J jeweller; cutler; china High St 06 20
CHAMBERS H G tailor Nelson St 10 144
CHEW T L & Sons ironmonger; gas; steam; hot water; farming tools agent King St 08 11
Citizen (The) newspaper (5 editions daily) London Rd 21
COLEY S J chemist and photographic High St 57 42
COLLINS Wm printer; bookseller; bible society depot King St 11 149
COMLEY Henry photographer Russell St 10 12
Congregational Chapel church Bedford St 130
Congregational Chapel (Old) church Chapel St 129
Co-operative Society grocery; furniture; outfitter; coal merchant Cainscross 22
COX R E tailor George St 03 6
DAVIS & CHAMPION estate agent and auctioneers Kendrick St 16 54
DICKENSON J grocer; wines and spirits High St 23 146
DICKINSON PROSSER & COX coal merchant (depot at 2 Wallbridge) Russell St 10
FARRAR Walter confectioner; and tea room Kendrick St 11 156
FARRAR Wm coal merchant Russell St 1902
FAWKES & Son grocer Kendrick St 1902
FORD Philip & Son builder; undertaker; shop fitter Slad Rd [Locking Hill] 27
GARDNER & Son plumber and decorator King St 06 8
GILL Frank ironmonger; mill furnisher; ammunition High St 15 157
GILLMAN W H hatter; hosier; shirt and collar maker King St Parade 03 9
Gloucester Journal weekly (Saturday) newspaper London Rd 21
Godsell’s brewery brewery Salmon’s Spring 142
GUILDING Walter confectioner and pastry cook High St 33 150
High School for Girls school Downfield 127
HILLIERs butchers Kendrick St and High St 1902
HOBBS confectioner; wine merchant; lunch rooms George St 24 16
Imperial Hotel commercial hotel Station Rd 134
JEFFERIES Samuel brickmaker Dudbridge and Stonehouse 1902
JOHNSON A draper; ladies and children’s outfitter and corsetier. mourning George St 25 – 26 31
JURISH G hairdresser John St 1902
KITTOW & Co draper and milliner Russell St 1902
LAMBERT C coal merchant 1902
MILLER A plumber; hot water and electric fitting; cycle agent Gloucester St 15 144
MILLS Bros & Co grocer; tea and coffee dealer High St 58 48
MITCHELL R cabinet maker 1902
MORRIS J draper Waterlook House Nailsworth 1902
Nailsworth Cycle Works cycle dealer Nailsworth 1092
MIBLETT & Co bottled water Union St 1902
PARK Sidney B draper; carpet and furnishing department store King St George St 46
PARTRIDGE F H barber George St 1902
PEARCE H T blacksmith London Rd 54 30
PLESTED H grocer Gloucester St 1902
POWELL G Sparkes baker (at Whitehall bakery) Middle St 74 32
Railway Hotel commercial hotel Russell St 04 30
REDFERN E draper; milliner; ladies’ outfitter George St 01 – 2 21
REDMAN George & Son tailor; shirt maker George St 27 50
REVELL T E & Son bootmaker High St 67 145
Royal George commercial hotel; billiards King St 01 7
SARGEANT A H saddler King St 15 148
SHELTON fine art supplier; leather goods King St 18 15
SHEPHERD A H dressmaker; milliner King St 16 – 17 34
SHIPWAY Alfred E tailor Lansdown 56 38
SKINNER posting mews Lansdown 1902
SMITH & Co chemist; photographic chemicals High St 54 36
SMITH J W hairdresser; wig maker King St 07 152
SPENCER J boots and shoes High St 09 – 10 149
STEEL & Co printer and bookbinder Wallbridge Works 133
STEELE G H draper and milliner Gloucester St 19 147
STONE Adele photographer London Rd 56 150
STONE’s restaurant Gloucester St 09 158
STRANGE S M grocer King St 19 23
Stratford Abbey College school Stratford Rd 122-24
Stroud Brewery brewery Rowcroft 52
Stroud Journal newspaper Lansdown 38
Stroud Ladies’ College school Beeches Green 125
Stroud News newspaper (weekly Friday) George St 14 33
Stroud Co-op department store Chapel St 1902
Stroud Journal newspaper office Lansdown 1902
Stroud Ladies College residential school Beeches Green 1903
Stroud News and Glos Advertiser newspaper office George St
Stroud Post Office post office Russell St 62
Stroud Provident building society Rowcroft 05 140
Stroud Sanitary Laundry laundry Ebley 13
SWANSON %amp; Co ladies outfitter High St/Kendrick St 1902
THOMAS J dyer; cleaner; feather dresser Lansdown 07 156
TOMES T F hatter and hosier King St 23 54
TRUSCOTT bicycles Russell St 12 148
TUCK Wm T confectioner; caterer; lunch rooms Gloucester St 20 44
TYLER A G cabinet and furniture maker (factory at Brimscombe) High St 48 18
WARD E T coal merchant Dudbridge wharf 1902
WATERMAN Ward tailor Lansdown 07a 155
Wesleyan church church Castle St 132
WESTON Rufus J tailor; breeches King St Town Time 24
WILLIAMS Cornelius butcher High St 28 147
Wilts and Dorset Bank bank George St 28 59
WITHEY & WITHEY wine merchant High St 55 17
WOOD & ROWE coal and builders’ merchant Cheapside 32
WORKMAN S Temperance Hotel Nailsworth 1902

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