Samuel Baldwin – Sculptor

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Samuel Baldwin from Stroud, died in 1645

This article was found in one of the many newspapers that had been kept by the late Lionel Walrond and was a “Topic of the Week”.

Photographs by Pauline Stevens 2010 to 2019

Stroud Parish Church


Thomas Stephens, died 1613, by Samuel Baldwin


Avening and Painswick   

Avening – Henry Brydges, died 1615, possibly by Samuel Baldwin


Avening Church



Painswick Church
Painswick – John Seaman, died 1623, and his wife, died 1625, perhaps by Samuel Baldwin






Miserden Church


Miserden – Anthony Partridge, wife and children, possibly by Samuel Baldwin
Miserden William Kingston, died 1614, probably by Samuel Baldwin – at his feet is a goat eating a cabbage


Where the tower is separate from the church

Henry 7th Earl Berkeley and his wife, by Samuel Baldwin
Berkeley Church
Berkeley Church Tower



The Buildings of England, Gloucestershire 1: The Cotswolds by David Verey and Alan Brooks says the following are perhaps by Samuel Baldwin:

Avening – Henry Brydges

Cirencester – Cirencester – Humfrey Bridges, George Monox

Miserden – William Kingston, Anthony  Partridge,William Sandys

Painswick – Dr John Seaman and his wife

Sapperton – Sir Henry Poole

Stroud – Thomas Stephens


Cirencester – George Monox, died 1638, and his wife; two daughters below; perhaps by Samuel Baldwin
Cirencester – Humfrey Bridges, died 1598, and his wife, died 1620, probably by Samuel Baldwin
Cirencester Church


Sapperton – Sir Henry Poole, died 1616, and his wife, probably by Samuel Balwin c.1630
Sapperton Church

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral – Elizabeth Williams and baby by Samuel Baldwin. She died in childbirth 1622. Her sister’s monument is nearby (also by S Baldwin)
Gloucester Cathedral – Thomas Machen, died 1614, his wife and 13 children, by Samuel Baldwin
Gloucester Cathedral


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