History of Paganhill

Paganhill Maypole


History of Paganhill

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Found during 2014 search of Citizen archive.                  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

1956_04_20 paganhill history 1956_04_20 paganhill history-a copy 1956_04_20 paganhill history-b copy

 Paganhill Maypole

Links to      Paganhill Maypole history                               Paganhill Maypole Hall history

1947_06 maypole copy

1947_06 maypole

1953_04_18 maypole + village fair

1953_04_18 maypole + village fair-1 copy

1953_04_18 maypole + village fair-2 copy


1959_05_23 maypole 1959_05_23 maypole-1 copy 1959_05_23 maypole-2 copy 1993_10_07 maypole copy




maypole maypole + festivities no date

maypole + festivities no date-1 copy maypole + festivities no date-2 copy maypole 2 articles no dates copy

maypole 2 articles no dates


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